our district held the finals of 2021 eBay national cross border e-commerce innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition



from October 26 to 27, the finals of 2021 eBay national cross border e-commerce innovation and entrepreneurship competition were held in Shangtang street. Since the launch of the competition in December 2020, major colleges and universities across the country have responded positively, with a total of 2560 teams and 288 colleges and universities registering for the competition, covering 27 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country. After more than half a year of competition, 22 excellent teams stood out from the four sub competition areas of North China, South China, East China and central and Western China and entered the finals

at the scene of the finals, the contestants showed their abilities and talents in the form of roadshows, and showed the team's cross-border e-commerce operation ability, team cooperation ability and Communication skills and innovation and entrepreneurship. After the judges considered the performance of the on-site roadshow and the scores of the store operation, the "Kaixing team" from Qianjiang College of Hangzhou Normal University won the first prize of the national competition and 100000 yuan bonus. On the spot, four teams won the favor of venture capital institutions, signed on-site cooperation contracts, and obtained financial and employment support

"we sincerely invite innovation and entrepreneurship teams to investigate and connect with each other and jointly build a dream highland for young people with tension, vitality and charm." The relevant person in charge of Shangtang Street threw olive branches to the participating teams at the meeting. It is understood that Shangtang street, as one of the organizers, has rich entrepreneurial resources. It has not only built Shangtang e-commerce town with provincial characteristics, but also built benchmark parks such as canal (International) cross-border e-commerce Park, Jianhua cultural innovation park and Jianhua e-commerce Park, gathering nearly 1000 high-quality e-commerce enterprises such as xiangtian supply chain, Bi orange e-commerce, electromechanical online and Aegean hi shopping. In 2020, the street digital economy will realize a total operating revenue of 5.561 billion yuan; Foreign trade exports grew against the trend, with the export volume reaching 1.171 billion yuan. In fact, the reason why this competition is held in Gongshu is precisely because it has long become a hot land for cross-border e-commerce innovation and entrepreneurship. In recent years, our district has successively established the "canal youth entrepreneurship alliance" and issued the "seven articles for canal youth entrepreneurship", focusing on providing comprehensive, multi angle, accurate and sustainable entrepreneurship assistance for cross-border e-commerce professionals, attracting a large number of high-quality talents at home and abroad to take root and gather. The atmosphere of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" is becoming increasingly strong, and the cross-border e-commerce industry continues to develop healthily

[source: Gongshu headline of Hangzhou Gongshu District People's government]

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