Dongguan foreign trade factory, tmall sells 25 million summer clothes, and Ali pushes support policies at the "world factory"

出海易/ 2022-05-09

Alibaba's "spring thunder plan" restarted after 11 years has made new moves in Dongguan, the "world factory"

on April 28, Alibaba launched another Taobao live broadcasting support policy in Dongguan, the country's first "Chunlei benchmark city", including three services for merchants, local MCN institutions and live broadcasting bases, providing special traffic support, one click entry and exclusive courses for small and medium-sized enterprises in Dongguan. This is another measure taken by Ali to quickly promote the transformation of foreign trade into domestic demand for Dongguan, the "world factory", following the signing of the "spring thunder plan" strategic cooperation agreement between Dongguan and Ali on the 22nd

help "Dongguan goods" become "Dongguan brand"

Dongguan's foreign trade was blocked due to the impact of the epidemic. In order to help the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Dongguan, Alibaba has used its 20-year digital ability to explore a new business model of transforming foreign trade into domestic demand with Dongguan, and provide help and support for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Dongguan

for a long time, "Dongguan goods" sales lack brand awareness. Now, looking for "machine" in "danger", Ali will help the "Dongguan goods" brand sell directly, and help Dongguan factory turn from processing and manufacturing to building a brand

at 0:00 on the 27th, tmall launched the exclusive page of "made in Dongguan, good goods from the source" for Dongguan enterprises. 200 Dongguan women's wear factories on tmall's linkage platform will launch 25 million summer clothes on tmall, including yunfeixiu flagship store, psyp flagship store and Aipu women's wear flagship store. They will sell dresses, pants, T-Shirts, shirts and other items

<span bdsfid="73"class="bjh-p> in order to respond positively to the spring thunder plan, tmall women's clothing has also taken rapid action. This Dongguan women's clothing special event took us only three days from building the venue to attracting investment." He Kai, a platform commodity operation expert of tmall clothing division, said

on the 28th, Dongguan municipal government led 100 local enterprises such as Guangdong Roman Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong love car cabin E-Commerce Technology Co., Ltd. to log in to Taobao live broadcast the special activity of "quality Dongguan, online bloom". Taobao live broadcast will provide traffic support and marketing support. Tmall and Taobao, together with Dongguan local e-commerce enterprise Mengda group, invited stars and online celebrities to speak for Dongguan manufacturing and assist enterprises in selling goods

dongguan foreign trade factory, tmall sells 25 million summer clothes, and ali promotes the support policy in the

↑ Taobao live broadcast the exclusive page of" quality Dongguan, online blooming"for Dongguan enterprises

multi platform support for Dongguan enterprise transformation

Dongguan" spring thunder "since Dongguan Ali signed the" spring thunder plan "on the 22nd It echoes. Alibaba's tmall, Taobao, Taobao live broadcast, Taobao special edition, Taobao University, jucost-effective and 1688 have quickly landed in Dongguan to help the digital transformation of Dongguan manufacturing

in the past week, the first tmall collection store of Dongguan enterprises, "Liuke cloud business flagship store", was launched. This is a brand collection store opened by Alibaba with the assistance of Mengda group in tmall. It covers women's shoes, men's shoes, nut snacks, sporting goods, business travel premium products and other categories made in Dongguan. It will sell "Dongguan goods" nationwide and globally. In the follow-up, alibaba will also help Dongguan enterprises in the ability of e-commerce operation, live delivery and positioning marketing, so as to incubate Dongguan brands and enhance the influence of Dongguan brands in China

according to the "spring thunder plan" agreement, the two sides announced that they would jointly build a number of cross-border trade online exhibitions such as China processing trade products Expo. Just two days after signing the contract, the investment attraction of 1688 "cloud plus Expo" was fully launched, and 500 foreign trade enterprises registered first

at the same time, the first Taobao live broadcasting base and the first tmall service center in Dongguan were launched, and investment promotion services were carried out quickly. The brands of nearly 100 Dongguan enterprises, involving nearly 400 categories of goods, have settled in tmall collection store and Taobao live broadcast through the green channel</the activity of"bdp id="92"gathering in guangdong was launched on </span. as long as you search"juchang"on taobao, you can go directly to the exclusive page created for guangdong manufacturing enterprises. dongguan sub page is specially set for the activity

digitization will expand to more fields

Dongguan has been actively embracing digitization. This time, through the "spring thunder plan", Dongguan has introduced a package of digital capabilities of Alibaba to comprehensively help it achieve transformation and upgrading in trade, logistics, new retail, industrial innovation and development, mobile payment convenience system, smart city, smart education and other aspects. At the same time, Dongguan also firmly seizes the opportunity to prepare for new digital infrastructure and lay a solid foundation for the future

Dongguan introduces the professional strength of Alibaba Taobao university to open up online sales channels for Dongguan enterprises. For Dongguan online live broadcast delivery base, Taobao University cloud classroom launched a special assistance plan to help the base complete the latest platform strategy and operation skills of Taobao live broadcast and short video marketing through one month's training

in Dongguan, known as the "factory of the world", the number of Taobao live broadcasts opened by the factory ranks first in China. Manufacturers including clothing, electronics and home appliances have realized digital transformation through Taobao live broadcasts

during the epidemic, many factories realized "cloud resumption" through Taobao live broadcast. Hundreds of enterprises entered Taobao live broadcast only in Humen e-commerce Industrial Park, Dongguan. According to the data, the resumption rate of Dongguan manufacturers through Taobao live broadcast ranks first in Guangdong Province. Live broadcast has become a sharp weapon for many Dongguan enterprises to resume work

according to the latest data, Dongguan factories opened Taobao live broadcast one after another in April. The number of new Taobao live broadcast merchants increased by 3 times year-on-year, and the number of new anchors increased by nearly 14 times year-on-year. With the rise of the tide of digital resumption of work and production, these numbers will continue to rise

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