cross border e-commerce shopee is very popular. More and more people want to do it, but do you really know shopee?

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many people want to do cross-border e-commerce and Shope this year, but do you really understand Shope

cross border e-commerce shope is very popular. more and more people want to do it, but do you really know shope?

shopee was founded in Singapore in 2015. Shopee is mainly aimed at the Southeast Asian market. At present, there are eight major sites, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines and Brazil, with a population of more than 600 million. Today's Southeast Asian market is very similar to the Chinese market more than a decade ago. The market is very large and the prospect is considerable. Shopee has been particularly popular in the past two years, with more and more foreign trade Businesses and individual sellers have turned their attention to this Southeast Asian market

cross border e-commerce shope is very popular. more and more people want to do it, but do you really know shope?

shopee has only been established for five years, but the development speed of shopee is really fast, and the living standards of local residents are improved, resulting in great consumer demand. As the overall economy of Southeast Asia is relatively backward, the domestic market can not meet the needs of buyers, so cross-border e-commerce came into being. Shopee now faces not only lazada assisted by Alibaba, but also other strong local e-commerce At the same time, e-commerce should also control the interests of all users on the platform, solve the pain points of merchants and customers and meet their needs

shopee has continued to seize the market in Southeast Asia since its establishment. Shopee software has become the first popular application and shopping app in Southeast Asia and Taiwan from 2018 to 2019. In the past two years, shopee has maintained close cooperation with many governments to jointly build a road for China to go to Southeast Asia and help more sellers go to sea

shopee is more similar to Taobao in China. It takes the C2C route and also has the function of chat to facilitate the communication between sellers and customers. Compared with Taobao, shopee has less competitive pressure; The Commission is lower than that of Taobao, Amazon and other platforms. There is also a freight subsidy. There is no deposit and deposit in the first three months, which is equivalent to opening a store for free without economic pressure. China's e-commerce market has too much competitive pressure, so it's better to turn the battlefield to Southeast Asia

cross border e-commerce shope is very popular. more and more people want to do it, but do you really know shope?

shopee is very friendly to sellers. It solves problems in different languages. There are special customer service to communicate with customers. There are also customer managers to connect. The official will provide weekly reports for sellers and provide the latest information, which is very helpful for merchants to operate stores. Shopee is still in the period of rapid development and investment attraction. Shopee encourages sellers to actively settle in, which is less competitive and more suitable for the market. Compared with Compared with other e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia, shopee's various strategies perfectly explain why it can become the backbone of the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia in just a few years

as long as you do Shope with your heart and have your own operation ideas, you can have good results

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