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in recent years, the foreign trade industry has entered a new period of rapid development, especially the emergence of cross-border e-commerce has brought new opportunities for business growth. Pingpong Fumao, launched in the first half of the year, provides a new solution for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to solve the problem of foreign trade collection; In the second half of the year, pingpong Fumao's "smart leading new sea · one city and one glory" departure station was officially launched in Quanzhou on July 22. This grand gathering of foreign trade elites and smart leading sea not only brought leading intelligent solutions to the industry, but also carried out big coffee sharing around topics such as foreign trade transformation and upgrading, so as to help foreign trade enterprises realize the "smart" growth of foreign trade transactions in an all-round way

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China's foreign trade volume is huge, but the difficulties and pain points in foreign trade collection have always been an important factor restricting the business expansion of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises. The previous online pingpong foo trade has comprehensively upgraded the foreign trade collection experience and provided a one-stop collection and payment solution for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises. First, the important link of foreign trade collection - the opening of global collection accounts and local collection accounts in Europe and America, pingpong foo trade is not only It supports the rapid opening of global accounts and the rapid collection of 14 mainstream currencies. At the same time, it can also provide European and American local collection accounts, that is, the collection accounts of local banks of buyers, so that foreign trade enterprises can enjoy the convenience of global accounts with low threshold and low cost, and improve their negotiation competitiveness and transaction conversion rate

scientific and technological enabling foreign trade collection or new year welcome breakthrough, pingpong new products of fumao

for foreign trade enterprises, in the era of efficiency first, how to improve the efficiency of foreign exchange settlement is an important problem in front of them. In the past, foreign exchange settlement of foreign trade collection through export agents, personal bank accounts and some third-party platforms can meet the temporary needs, but in the process of frequent foreign trade collection, these traditional methods of foreign exchange settlement have high costs, difficult entry, many restrictions, occupying the equivalent amount of US $50000, information and capital security Concerns and other issues also make the majority of small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises suffer. Pingpong Fumao, through sunshine foreign exchange settlement and one click cash withdrawal, can not only replace foreign trade enterprises to submit material compliance declaration, but also is not limited by the amount of 50000 US dollars in personal account, which makes the foreign trade collection process more worry-free and reassuring, and enables foreign trade people to settle foreign exchange quickly, safely and at low cost to China. In addition, pingpong foo Mart also supports payment in currencies of more than 50 countries and regions around the world, which can be transferred to accounts of suppliers or service providers, and supports payment in local currencies. Lower costs and faster arrival

the convenience provided by pingpong trade in foreign trade collection of course also includes providing more transformation power and development space for enterprises. The successful convening of the Quanzhou departure station of"smart lead new sea, one city and one glory" of pingpong trade has contributed to foreign trade collection Even the business development of the whole foreign trade industry will bring more positive efficiency

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