not only save money but also save trouble. Amazon stores are looking at this cross-border collection platform



opening a store in Amazon has become the consensus of many people who want to make a fortune. Opening a store across borders means meeting new challenges, and the challenges also contain opportunities and wealth. At a time when the global epidemic is still raging, Chinese production has taken the lead in recovering. In the past two years, enterprises engaged in cross-border e-commerce have made a small fortune. In terms of the choice of cross-border collection platform, many Amazon stores have chosen airwallex air cloud exchange. This financial Unicorn platform can not only help Amazon stores receive payment very quickly, Moreover, professional exchange rate conversion and polar handling fees have also become the reasons why many Amazon stores like it. With the expansion of the profit-making effect, more and more Chinese choose to open stores in Amazon. According to the data, three-quarters of the New Amazon merchants come from China, and airwallex air cloud exchange has become the first choice for many Amazon merchants with its extremely fast arrival speed. How fast? RMB withdrawal can arrive in five minutes. The exchange transaction can be completed in only one working day. For many Amazon stores, the speed of capital arrival also determines its turnover speed. The faster the arrival, the more confident the merchants are

not only save money, but also save trouble. amazon stores are looking at this cross-border collection platform

in addition, airwallex air cloud exchange provides global collection accounts for Amazon store sellers. With a few simple steps, users can get a global collection account that supports 11 mainstream currencies such as US dollar, British pound, Hong Kong dollar, euro and Australian dollar, can self bind stores with Amazon, eBay, Shopify, PayPal and other global mainstream platforms, and automatically synchronize order information. A particularly important point is that air cloud exchange has the ability to Exchange solution to help users significantly reduce transaction costs. Through the high-tech intelligent exchange rate engine independently developed by air cloud exchange, users can easily obtain a highly competitive real-time exchange rate, and with the help of intelligent foreign exchange locking, users no longer have to worry about foreign exchange losses caused by exchange rate fluctuations. Professional, save money and rest assured. Open a store in Amazon and choose air Yunhui

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