under the influence of international trade environment, how should foreign traders find foreign trade customers?




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the global economy is in a serious recession, especially for international trade, the world has shrunk significantly; International trade conflicts have occurred repeatedly, and the trade demand of various countries has shrunk significantly or even stagnated. The World Trade Organization predicts that the global trade in goods will decline by 13% to 32% in 2020. The foreign trade industry will continue to face the international trade environment of global economic contraction and domestic demand-oriented economic growth for a long time in the future. In the current global economic trend, "unctad.com procurement" has sorted out the foreign trade response strategies formulated by various countries one after another

1. The United States

the United States has been affected by the epidemic since 2020 and the U.S. general election. According to the report of the Department of Commerce, the annual rate of U.S. GDP fell by 5% in the first quarter of 2020, the worst level since the international financial crisis

in order to stabilize the economy, the United States has introduced an unprecedented basket of fiscal and monetary policy tools and the Federal Reserve has cut interest rates, opening the mode of unlimited quantitative easing (QE). In terms of fiscal policy, the United States has launched three rounds of large-scale emergency economic rescue plans, of which the total amount of the third round of economic stimulus is as high as $2.2 trillion. In view of the possibility that the economy may fall into a long-term recession, the United States is brewing a fourth round of economic stimulus. On May 20, the Congressional Budget Office predicted that the US GDP would decline by 38% year-on-year in the second quarter and the unemployment rate would peak at 15.8% in the third quarter. In an interview with the media on May 17, US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell said that affected by the epidemic, the US economy is likely to shrink by 20% - 30% in the second quarter, and the US economy will recover or reach the end of 2021

2. The euro area

since 2020, the COVID-19 has had a major impact on the euro area economy, the European economy has hit a historical low and is worsening, and the economies of many countries have fallen into recession. According to the forecast of the European Commission in May, there will be a "historic recession" in the European economy in 2020, the EU economy will shrink by 7.5% and the eurozone economy will shrink by 7.8%

in order to save the economy, the European Central Bank announced a € 120 billion purchase of additional bonds and a € 750 billion emergency asset purchase plan. Italy introduced the largest economic intervention in history, and even Germany, with low debt tolerance, announced a rescue package of up to 750 billion euros

however, there are differences within the eurozone countries on whether to use the joint fiscal policy to save the economy. France, Italy and other nine euros jointly sent a letter to the president of the European Council calling for the issuance of "new crown bonds", but it was opposed by Germany

3. Japan

in 2020, under the impact of the epidemic and the delay in hosting the Olympic Games, Japan's economy is not optimistic

since late February, the Japanese government has implemented control measures such as the suspension of large-scale activities, the closure of entertainment facilities and the suspension of classes in primary and secondary schools. A state of emergency was announced on April 8, with some manufacturing enterprises shutting down, exports slowing down and consumption cooling. Japan's tourism industry has been hit hard. It has been impossible to realize the promotion of tourism consumption with the help of the "cherry blossom season". The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games in Japan has been postponed to 2021. Agency estimates show that the economic loss caused by the postponement of the Olympic Games to Japan is 600-700 billion yen. According to the data released by the cabinet office on June 8, the Japanese economy fell by 2.2% in the first quarter of 2020, falling for two consecutive quarters, falling into recession for the first time in five years


as of the first five months, the total import and export volume between China and ASEAN accounted for 14.7%, surpassing the EU to become China's largest international organization for trade cooperation. The import and export trade with countries along the "the Belt and Road" has become an important factor for the stable development of China's foreign trade. The joint construction of the "one" initiative is of great significance for promoting market diversification and stabilizing China's foreign trade base

offline trade activities are blocked, and the "online" of international trade has become a trend

the global foreign trade situation is still severe, and offline trade activities are blocked. How can foreign traders find foreign trade customers and solve the problem of insufficient new orders? Foreign trade "online" service platform can meet the diversified needs of foreign trade enterprises and solve the difficulties of foreign trade enterprises by virtue of the outstanding characteristics of "rich Global trade resources, flexible promotion forms, convenient access to customers and convenient transactions, breaking the restrictions of trade time and space to the greatest extent, and making full use of national help policies". At the same time, it can accurately locate the sales needs of customers through online internet marketing data analysis Accurately obtain customers, accurately connect trade services, realize the online scene and digital development of foreign trade, and help the Internet of international trade

Hong Kong's "TDC online procurement" can quickly grasp international trade opportunities

"TDC online procurement" is an online business platform of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (TDC). Through the 50 offices of the TDC around the world, it brings together 2 million + high-quality buyers around the world to search market resources and matching opportunities for suppliers around the world, Use the high-quality buyer resources precipitated for many years. "TDC online procurement" has won many international awards, including "best e-commerce platform", which is deeply recognized by the industry

the online business platform "unctad.com procurement" of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council was fully upgraded in October to help foreign trade enterprises have a better online business experience and help foreign trade suppliers in mainland China and other countries better explore business opportunities

1. Gather global high-quality buyer resources

unctad.com has 50 years of global procurement experience. A total of 50 overseas offices gather 2 million + high-quality buyers around the world, and establish more than 24 million business contacts for suppliers and buyers every year

2. Simple and convenient operation experience

tdnet procurement makes the supplier's operation platform faster and more convenient through new functions such as platform keyword optimization search + personalized keyword recommendation, product image intelligent recognition technology, 24x7 all-weather background information management and 3-minute DIY quick upload of products

3. Personalized promotion services make marketing more free

suppliers of the procurement platform of unctad.com can formulate and purchase different advertising services according to different promotion budgets anytime and anywhere. Higher degrees of freedom

4. Business matching service

business matching service can fully provide the latest platform procurement trend, and recommend the most suitable buyer for suppliers by matching suppliers and 2 million + high-quality global buyers around the world

judging from the data of China's international trade activities in the world's major economic zones, ASEAN and the EU region may become the main development markets of foreign trade in the future, which may benefit from the development brought by China's policy. In 2020, the online platform may become the main channel of international trade activities in the short term, depending on the control of the epidemic abroad. I hope this article can help foreign trade people how to adjust their market strategies and how to find foreign trade customers

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