Qiao Guanyuan, general manager of shopline: brands must be independent when going to sea




[Yibang power news] on July 21, at the "202.1 billion state cross border e-commerce conference brand going to sea summit" held today, Qiao Guanyuan, general manager of shopline, shared relevant experience of shopline in serving Chinese brands going to sea. He pointed out that Amazon's logic is completely different from that of independent stations. Independent stations have many advantages over Amazon. When Chinese brands go to sea, they must layout independent stations

shopline general manager qiao guanyuan: brands must be independent stations when going out to sea

Qiao Guanyuan believes that at present, the overseas e-commerce market is growing rapidly, and Chinese enterprises have the advantages of talent supply chain. In the future, it is the general trend for e-commerce to go to sea. However, due to the separation of domestic Taobao, jd.com and pinduoduo, which are monopolistic consumption scenarios of e-commerce platforms with head concentration, Chinese sellers are more suitable for the Amazon model after going to sea. However, in Europe and the United States, Amazon is not alone in the market, and independent stations should be promoted Pay more attention to the brand

Qiao Guanyuan pointed out that the business logic of Amazon and independent stations is completely different. Amazon emphasizes the ultimate cost performance, and its business logic focuses on the business report to investors. The independent station is equivalent to a software sales company. It pays more attention to how many businesses buy their own software services and can operate their business, and realize the secondary payment next year. Therefore, compared with Amazon, the independent station pays more attention to the success of customers. In addition, many brands that rely on Amazon, and their brand strength is only based on Amazon's soil. Without Amazon, they don't pay much attention. After all, on Amazon, the brand can't even get the core user data

on an independent station, sellers can not only obtain first-hand data, but also carry out secondary product development and customer secondary touch based on such user data. Although the independent station has no natural flow, the flow can be precipitated after advertising diversion, and the brand power also belongs to itself. Moreover, at present, Facebook, Google, twitter and other traffic giants have special policies for Chinese businesses. Qiao Guanyuan said that under the background of Amazon's store closure trend, Aoji and other excellent brands have begun to layout independent stations. The reference to the State Council document is a more important and encouraging step for independent development

finally, Qiao Guanyuan summarized the successful models in the field of DTC by taking MOFT and Xiaopei pet as examples,"the product power should be good, the market should change quickly, and under the premise of marketing leadership, we should also focus on experience and re purchase."

it is reported that the 2021 billion state cross-border e-commerce conference brand going to sea summit was held in Hilton South China Sea Hotel, Shekou, Shenzhen on July 21, 2021. The summit took "key points" as the theme and looked for the "key points" of brand going to sea from the four dimensions of growth principle, consumption insight, competitive positioning and fine operation, Provide more landing reference directions and ideas for the majority of e-commerce enterprises engaged in cross-border sea going

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