authoritative express 12.3%! Hunan's foreign trade will grow against the trend in 2020



authoritative express 12.3%! hunan's foreign trade will grow against the trend in 2020

Huasheng online, January 19 (Hunan Daily Huasheng online reporter Zhou Yuegui and Liu Yinan) Changsha Customs released data today: in 2020, Hunan's foreign trade achieved contrarian growth, with a total import and export value of 487.45 billion yuan, a record high; year-on-year (the same below) The growth rate was 12.3%, 10.4 percentage points higher than the national import and export growth rate in the same period. Among them, the development of foreign trade increased significantly in the fourth quarter, with an increase of 31.2%

[source: Huasheng online]

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