can cross-border e-commerce do without English?



original title: can cross-border e-commerce do without English

what I ask most in wechat is whether I can be a cross-border customer because I can't speak English. If I'm a cross-border customer, how can I reply? I tell you that there is no need to worry about cross-border e-commerce. In fact, there are four main reasons. Let me tell you separately

cross border e-commerce can't do it in english?

first, there are some mainstream cross-border e-commerce platforms. Their background operation interfaces are all in Chinese. What our sellers see in the background is all in Chinese. If you don't know English, the normal operation will not be affected. In addition, there are some platforms whose background operation pages are also not in Chinese, but their background operation interfaces are relatively simple, nothing more than products, sales Order, data, set products, orders, store performance indicators, financial data, and then you need to remember not many words. Or you don't need to remember what this word means at all. You just need to know what word it will come out

Second, if you can speak English, you still need to translate in other languages. Even if you can speak English, you can't speak other languages, because we are cross-border and our customers are not necessarily English speaking countries. We may encounter Russian, Spanish and all kinds of messy languages. You can't guarantee that you can speak every language. Therefore, translation software is necessary when we are doing the new year. If you don't want to use translation software, you need to hire professional small language translators. English translators on the market are actually easy to find, but small language translators are not easy to find

III. cross border shopping buyers rarely ask for orders. In fact, when we do cross-border e-commerce, consumers rarely ask questions. Unlike Taobao in China, there will be a chat window. Consumers will keep asking questions about goods, and we need to keep answering them. In fact, cross-border buyers rarely ask questions, but occasionally send some emails to ask you some related questions. Of course, this email will be very few and almost negligible, Therefore, it can be solved by using translation software. There is no need to worry

cross border e-commerce can't do it in english?

IV. the product description copy can be handled by a professional organization. Some friends may ask, even if I can translate the buyer's message reply, do I always need to fill in the product description and product copy myself? I want to say that you don't have to worry about this, because there are many professional translation companies on the market, who can help you translate the copy into relevant languages. Because they are professional , they do this thing much better than you do. Even if you study for ten years, you may not translate as well as he does for you

finally, let me give you another suggestion. If you want to do cross-border e-commerce for a long time, you still have to pass the English level. You don't have to learn very well, but you still need to recognize some basic English words. After all, if you can speak English, we can understand some emails, In this way, the work efficiency will be improved a lot. If we meet some big customers, we can also use our most basic English communication skills to retain those big customers

cross border e-commerce can't do it in english?

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