Shandong Weihai cross-border e-commerce has grown significantly and become a new driving force for foreign trade export

出海易/ 2022-05-09
shandong weihai cross-border e-commerce has grown significantly into a new driving force for foreign trade and export

on February 1, in the cross-border e-commerce supervision center of Weihai International Logistics Park, several containers of goods successively passed the customs inspection and release here, and they will arrive abroad in more than ten hours.

at the customs inspection site, sun Yahui, a customs officer of Weihai customs office in the post office of Qingdao Customs, randomly opened a package of goods with a mobile phone selfie rod exported to South Korea. Sun Yahui said that this is a common commodity at the customs clearance site. Last year, 26697 mobile phone selfie rods were exported here, worth about 2 million yuan.

in 2017, on average, more than 200000 cross-border e-commerce export goods were cleared in Weihai every month. Selfie poles, mobile phone cases, marker pens... These small commodities are favored by foreign enterprises and consumers, and most of their producers are Chinese small, medium-sized and micro enterprises.

Qingdao Customs is subordinate to Weihai customs. It was disclosed on February 1 that last year, Weihai customs checked and released 2.6535 million cross-border e-commerce export lists, a year-on-year increase of 287.3%, and the value of goods was US $191 million, a year-on-year increase of 160.3%.

thanks to the geographical advantages of Weihai port to Japan and South Korea and the efficient and smooth customs clearance environment, Weihai leads the country in cross-border e-commerce. Weihai took the lead in launching the import and export business of China South Korea Maritime EMS express, built a number of cross-border trade e-commerce industrial parks, and encouraged enterprises to establish cross-border e-commerce public warehouses overseas by renting or self construction. At present, enterprises in Weihai have established cross-border e-commerce public warehouses in South Korea, Japan, the United States and other countries Dozens of overseas public warehouses

at the same time, not only the business volume of local e-commerce enterprises in Weihai is growing, but also many e-commerce enterprises in other Chinese cities are attracted to export goods overseas through Weihai

Weihai is an open coastal city in China. In 2015, Weihai customs opened the general export business of cross-border trade e-commerce, and the"direct order import" business of cross-border e-commerce of shipping, air transportation and mail transportation has also been launched one after another

(from China News Network)

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