how can foreign trade personnel unseal pinterest accounts



pinterest is the world's largest social image sharing website and the most used image website by foreign trade personnel. It uses waterfall flow to display images to customers without image page turning operation. New images are automatically loaded and updated for customers to watch. It is very convenient to use and has been highly praised by foreign trade workers. Another key feature of pintereat is that there is a message area under the picture for customers and suppliers to communicate freely. Pinterest has brought unexpected convenience to foreign trade workers. It is a good tool for foreign trade personnel to carry out foreign exchanges. As foreign trade personnel, they must use it efficiently. Pinterest has been recognized as the most popular photo social networking site in the world. At present, the number of monthly active users of pinterest has reached 300 million. Although it may not be comparable with other large platforms, its rapid development is seen by people. We also hope that foreign trade personnel can pay attention to the use of pinterest and make pinterest a necessary tool for foreign trade personnel

I. reasons why pinterest accounts are blocked and how to unseal

many new foreign trade people use pinterest. The newly registered pinterest accounts may be blocked soon because they don't understand the platform rules at the beginning or for other reasons. What's the reason and how to solve it? First of all, the reason why the account is blocked may be related to the IP you registered. Pinterest identification uses IP to identify. Now in this network era, many IPS will not be polluted to a certain extent. Therefore, if your IP audit fails, naturally, the pinterest account will be blocked. Secondly, don't release some pictures that don't meet the regulations on the pinterest platform. If the picture information released by foreign traders is illegal, the account will also be blocked to a certain extent. In addition, too many messages replied every day may also lead to the closure of pinterest account. So, in the face of this situation, how to unseal it? Pinterest account problems can be roughly divided into four points. First, pinterest account dead number. First, what kind of account is dead number? Frequent login of foreign trade users, extensive use of the same link, use of shortened links, jump links, and a large number of replies will lead to account dead number problems. Therefore, foreign trade users should pay special attention to the above violations and try to avoid pinterest blocking. 2、 The pinterest platform enters the security mode, which means that your account is changing the password, which means that you can resume use immediately. 3、 Pinterest links are blocked, such as jump links, irregular and inappropriate links. These websites frequently promote spam to pinterest, resulting in account closure. 4、 The problem that the account cannot be logged in is that you reply too often. If foreign trade personnel encounter the above blocked numbers when using pinterrst, they only need to appeal to the platform. After the appeal is successful, they will be unsealed naturally

II. Tips for using pinterest account

What tips do foreign trade personnel have when using pinterest? First, establish enterprise accounts. Enterprise accounts are easier to be trusted than personal accounts. Secondly, pinterest home page pictures should be selected carefully. Use eye-catching pictures to attract customers' attention. Then, use high-quality picture information to show your products, as well as the stories, thoughts, emotions and so on behind the products. Then, use many new functions of the pinterest platform, such as rich pins, pinterest analytics and so on. The last point is to learn to share your pinterest. The more people view your content, the more exposure will be increased. To obtain exposure, we should seize all opportunities to promote pinterest and constantly push it to customers

pinterest, a photo social networking website, provides strong support for foreign trade personnel to carry out foreign trade activities. Its emergence has driven the foreign trade industry to develop to a better place. I believe that pinterest will continue to improve and develop in the near future, create more valuable things, increase the exposure opportunities of more products and obtain the utilization rate of more foreign trade personnel. Pinterest is a valuable and recommended website. I hope more foreign trade personnel can learn to use

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