a small sideline to make money and let foreigners chop their hands -- cross-border E-commerce



Mingzi Yun of Ma woziji Xiabian once said: behind every successful man, there is a woman who cuts her hands. Since the birth of Taobao, people have become more and more accustomed to shopping online, and platforms such as tmall global and Haitao allow many hand choppers to buy foreigners' products. But we can't just let foreigners earn our money. We have to sell good Chinese products all over the world, especially for those small partners who want to do some small business, small sidelines or ambitious cross-border transactions. In fact, Bruce Lee will introduce you to such a cross-border trading platform - Ali (yes, it's father Ma's) express platform

make money in small sidelines, let foreigners chop their hands - cross border e-commerce
making money in small sidelines and letting foreigners chop their hands - cross border e-commerce

in fact, this platform was established as early as 2010. It is a global trading market. Its main consumer markets include Russia, the United States, Brazil, Spain and France. Consumers around the world can buy goods directly from manufacturers and dealers in China and even around the world through global express. In addition to the global website in English, global express also provides 17 mobile clients in local languages, including Russian and Portugal English, Spanish, French, etc. Guarantee transactions are conducted through Alipay international account and international express delivery is used. It is a foreign trade online trading platform integrating order, payment and logistics

in fact, in short, global express is a foreign version of Taobao, mainly for overseas buyers, and the sellers are various shops of our domestic partners. We sell things. No matter how much foreigners pay, the money is finally transferred to our Alipay account, which is very simple and convenient

make money in small sidelines, let foreigners chop their hands - cross border e-commerce

as we all know, the dividend period of Taobao tmall in China has long passed and the competition is fierce. In fact, don't worry. With the advancement of globalization, cross-border transactions have gradually developed. With the experience of Taobao predecessors, we may develop faster and better.

having said so much, how can we open a shop on express? In fact, it is very simple. As long as we register an enterprise Alipay account or an enterprise legal person Alipay account, we can enter the official website of express and directly register the shop. Most small partners can register through individual businesses. After registration, we will pay the corresponding annual fee according to the selected categories (don't worry, the annual fee can be refunded under normal circumstances) and improve the store information, and then release the goods for store operation

of course, we should also remind you that you should not blindly sell some illegal and prohibited products when opening a store

open a good store and wait for the money after publishing the goods. It should be noted here that since it is a cross-border transaction, foreign buyers will not necessarily use RMB to pay, so remind the small partners who open stores to open the USD account of Alipay

when foreign buyers pay through the RMB channel with their credit cards, our money will be transferred to the RMB account of international Alipay; When foreign buyers use other channels, such as credit card dollar channel, PayPal, bank remittance, West Union, WEBMONEY (a common electronic wallet in Russia), the money is transferred to our Alipay dollar account platform through Alipay, and we can directly withdraw it to the bank card and then go to the bank to exchange it for RMB

after the buyer has paid, we will deliver the goods. The platform also provides us with many online logistics methods. We can directly select them online and then let the express deliver them to the door. After the foreign buyer confirms the receipt of the goods, our money will arrive

How about it? Is it very simple? In fact, it is basically the same as opening a shop on Taobao in China. What are you waiting for? Hurry to collect a wave of foreigners' wool

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