Surpassing Amazon, shopee and sheen ranked first and second in global downloads of shopping apps in 2021




according to the data of apptopia, the application analysis platform, shopee is the shopping application with the highest download volume in the world in 2021

Amazon ranked first in the number of downloads of shopping apps in the United States, but the number of global downloads fell from first in 2020 to fourth, lower than shopee, sheen and meesho. Apptopia only counts Apple data in China, and the download data of apple and Android stores in other regions are included

Shopee reached 203 million downloads worldwide in 2021, ranking first in shopping applications. Shopee is a leading shopping website in Southeast Asia, and has also performed well in many countries in Europe and America. For example, it is the first shopping website in Brazil and Poland. Shopee has also recently expanded to more regions such as India

Sheen, a fast fashion e-commerce, is the second most downloaded shopping application in the world, with 190 million downloads, an increase of 70% over 2020. Founded in China, sheen 2008 has entered more than 150 countries and regions. Europe, the United States, Australia and the Middle East are its main markets


Meesho, India's social e-commerce provider with the third largest number of downloads in the world, was founded in 2015 and mainly sells clothing, beauty and household products. Meesho users can purchase goods directly or distribute them through social channels. Meesho hasn't expanded overseas yet, but it has the highest number of downloads in all categories of applications in India

Amazon ranked fourth with 148 million downloads worldwide in 2021. According to the analysis of e-commerce research company marketplace pulse, Amazon's new markets last year were small, such as Egypt and Poland, which were difficult to achieve a significant increase in downloads. In the United States, Amazon still ranks first in downloads, but marketplace pulse predicts that it may be replaced by sheen or Shopify in 2022

Shopify's app shop launched in 2020 has a remarkable performance, and its download volume in the United States in 2021 is second only to Amazon and sheen. Shop integrates the functions of shop pay, logistics tracking and shopping

The buy now pay later (bnpl) application klarna combines financial services and shopping functions, and entered the top ten downloads in the United States for the first time in 2021


The download volume of "American pinduoduo" wish has declined. In 2021, the global download volume was about 72 million, < a data type = "external" href=“ " rel="nofollow" target="_ Blank "> according to the statistics of marketplace pulse < / a > the number of downloads in the United States is about 14 million, a decrease of 53% compared with 2020

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