the acquisition negotiation failed, and twitter passed by clubhouse




according to foreign media reports, the acquisition negotiations between twitter and clubhouse have stopped. Earlier, it was reported that the US social platform twitter was considering acquiring the voice social app clubhouse for $4 billion, and the two sides had held talks on the acquisition

Recently, according to Bloomberg, the acquisition negotiations between twitter and clubhouse will not continue. Twitter said it would not comment on the reasons for the breakdown of the negotiations, while clubhouse did not reply. However, some analysts speculate that the grounding of the acquisition has something to do with Twitter's existing same product "spaces". "Since twitter already has spaces, why buy clubhouse?" Analysts say so

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clubhouse is a product made by Silicon Valley venture capital circle as the first batch of seed users < / a >, which is born with the label of" elitism ". The user participation mechanism of invitation system, the participation of Silicon Valley venture capital and celebrities from all walks of life, and Elon Musk's" friendship with goods "all make this product unique for a time

According to app Annie, in only half a month from February 1 to February 16, 2021, the global download volume of clubhouse has increased from 3.5 million to 8.1 million. The $100 million financing in early 2021 also soared its valuation to $1 billion, ranking among unicorns

In short, the success of clubhouse is influenced by environmental and human factors, and also depends on the "scarcity" of its products. In the environment of "national isolation" caused by the epidemic, interpersonal communication has become a "just need", and the clubhouse chat room with the blessing of many star bosses can not only meet people's desire for communication, but also expand their own communication circle. The "circle barrier" brought by the invitation system has also greatly improved people's attention and desire to join this product. After all, the opportunity to talk to musk is still very attractive

However, after the uproar, there are many troubles on the way of clubhouse's growth. For example, the problem of "low content value" has been criticized. Many users believe that the gold content of most topics in the clubhouse platform is not high, and the valuable information users can obtain from it is very limited, which also directly affects the stickiness of users. In addition, for clubhouse, in addition to the need to improve the content threshold, how to deal with the pressure of competitors and how to realize commercial realization also need to be solved

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After seeing the opportunity of voice social track, the quick eyed twitter quickly launched its own voice chat function "spaces". According to techcrunch, twitter announced the launch of spaces as early as November last year and started beta testing in December. But at that time, the beta was only open to some IOS users. In March this year, twitter took another step ahead of clubhouse and logged in to Android

As a competitor of clubhouse, it can be said that spaces has been optimizing itself based on the former's "slot point". It is reported that compared with the clubhouse with high entry threshold and "strict hierarchy", Twitter's spaces seems to be more people-friendly and open. Sponsors can invite others to join and participate in the discussion through private letters, sharing twitter} links, etc

In addition, Twitter has also been optimized in "speech control". The spokesperson of the New York Times has strengthened the control over the remarks made by the reporter of the club due to improper harassment. According to the feedback of the beta version, twitter said that in the future, the hosts of spaces will have more ways and rights to control the conversation content

In addition, twitter also said that the spaces platform will provide more diverse functions. For example, the background music function designed for the host to welcome the audience. It is reported that Twitter} will also integrate spaces with its "super follow", a subscription service developed by twitter that allows users to obtain exclusive content from creators for $4.99 a month

Today, the voice social track has not yet subsided. Although most of the competing products are "month throwing", in the face of the strong entry of strong rivals such as LinkedIn and Facebook, whether twitter or clubhouse, what is waiting for them will be a "fairy scuffle"

Wen Yunxi Deng

Compiled by Zhao Xiaochun


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