JD supply is linked to Shopify and will provide selection and logistics services for Shopify Chinese sellers




on January 18, JD group and Shopify announced that they had reached a strategic cooperative relationship. According to the understanding of 36 krypton going to sea, JD will connect the import and export supply chain business to the Shopify system. At present, JD sourcing, JD shipping and JD marketplace (import) are developed

In terms of export business, jd.com will integrate the resources of domestic suppliers, provide a selection commodity pool for China's overseas DTC brand with JD sourcing plug-in, and provide cross-border logistics functions through JD shipping plug-in. Performance services include head-on collection, customs clearance, international logistics, overseas warehouse preparation, local distribution, etc

In recent years, JD has been expanding its global cross-border logistics business. So far, JD has operated 80 bonded warehouses and overseas warehouses in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Australia and other regions, and built nearly 1000 international transportation lines, reaching more than 220 countries around the world

Previously, JD's main international business position was the Southeast Asian market, including the establishment of joint ventures in Indonesia and Thailand and the investment in Vietnam's shopping platform Tiki. In an interview with CNBC last November, Xin Lijun, the newly appointed CEO of JD retail, said that JD was "making strategic analysis on Vietnam and Europe" as a potential target market for the next step of international expansion

In 2022, JD international will focus on the retail business out of the sea. Just last week, < a data type = "external" href=“ https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/Ip2mVRnAdFmqhk22AnvtKQ " rel="nofollow" target="_ Blank "> JD international has just announced that its independent retail brand ochama has settled in the Netherlands < / a >

(Chang Weiqian)

Compiled by Zhao Xiaochun

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